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Why 2018 Is Not Too Late To Start Your Blog

By on January 5, 2018

You can start a blog in 2018 and it would still thrive.

Are you nurturing that thought about blogging and just can’t seem to know how to go about it? Do you feel you’re late to the party? Let me declare into your life, 2018 is your year! Lol!

Temitoria - Blogger

There are various options for you to pick up that drive, desire and zeal to write. You might wonder if anyone write these days for fun. Yes! There are tons of writers and bloggers that do it for fun because they love what they do.

There’s the content creation aspect that has to do with digital marketing. Every business needs content marketing and blogging is one sure way. As an entrepreneur, you can also venture into the blogosphere.

You have something to offer the world and what better way to organize it, than opening a blog. There might be this draw back because of the fear of consistency, no idea on content, not sure your posts would be read, and other fears. You might even convince yourself that you’re not a good writer.

Hey! Stop the wish game and make things happen in 2018.

Why should you start your blog?

  • You have a unique voice: Nobody speaks like you, no one thinks like you, so no one can write like you. Your writing may be similar to another but can’t be the exact same. Let your voice be heard. Every writer has his or her own audience. You have your audience. Start your blog!
  • You can come in with a fresh perspective: Every industry, topic and niche needs a fresh pair of eyes to look at things. Is it style, fashion, motivation, career, relationship, etc? Bring your originality into your blogging and make that difference.

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There’s still a niche for you: You don’t think there’s a niche that fits you? Create yours! Merge different options together and create your own magic.

  • Starting a blog is simple: You can start a blog in less than 30 minutes. I’ll do a fresh post on how you can go about that soonest and would be willing to help you out if you want.

What are you waiting for? Start scribbling that blog idea and let’s turn it into a reality. Thank you for reading and happy new year once again! We’re making a huge difference this 2018! Can I get an Amen? 😊

Lots of love,


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    Naomi Destiny

    January 5, 2018

    Yes Temitoria! Building a profitable and a thriving blog is possible in 2018. Cheers!!!

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      January 12, 2018

      You know this. Thanks Naomi!


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