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My Trip To Ibadan + Vital Strategy Lessons

By on January 9, 2018

The year started on a great note and it was my first time of traveling to Ibadan. It was a road trip with my colleagues at the office for a 3-day training on Strategy Management.

The journey to Ibadan was smooth and fun. Little gist here and there, a quick stop and few selfies.

Ibadan was also busy with people moving about their business. The major language of communication is Yoruba. It didn’t feel different from Lagos. Though the color of their transport cars carried a yellow and wine color.

We arrived at our destination for the training, Akwaaba Innovations, Ibadan at 5:58pm. We took a quick tour of the facilities and met with the Chairman, Mr. Koffi Amoah who heartily welcomed us and requested that we get enough rest.

When we entered the lodge, we were quite impressed. The African and artistic feel was so welcoming. We settled in quickly.

I didn’t take great pictures, pardon me. It’s my first travel post, I’ll do better next time.

First day of the training started as early as 8am.

It was a beautiful session that got me thinking, what have I been thinking?

One lesson I learned on the first day;

Failure keeps you humble, success keeps you growing and God alone keeps you going.

Tea break!!!

The food was amazing! They fed us really well!

I also fell in love with some artworks.

The facilitators were so engaging and grounded. There was team building sessions, group presentations and one on one sessions too.

Some vital nuggets to note:

  • Some incidents happens that change your DNA
  • The end truly justifies the means
  • Giving up shouldn’t be an option
  • Failure is an option
  • Check what you do, are they right professionally?
  • Quality is the reason you’re in business
  • Quality sustains you
  • Let your passion come through
  • Seek understanding
  • Team work is very important

All in all, I learned a lot from the training and got a certification for Strategy Management. Yipee! A great way to start the year.

Akwaaba Innovations is the first training institute that I know tells you the how.

Lots of love,




Temitope Victoria Idowu
Lagos Nigeria

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