My Psalms – God Have Mercy

By on October 24, 2017

God have mercy

We stray

most willingly we stray

we act like we don’t know about your anger

we are quick to beg for forgiveness

because we know your heart

Father, please don’t punish us

we take your kind heart for granted

help us recognize the self-threat

we pose on ourselves

lead us in your path

have mercy.

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Temitope Victoria Idowu
Lagos Nigeria

I decided that beyond my love for writing and teaching, I would love to help people become who they should be. So I’m learning all I can and doing all I can to be able to help you professionally. What I do every day???I show up because someone out there needs a touch of warmth and possibility. I speak to God (He is my inspiration), get ready, send words of encouragement out there via social media and work tirelessly on how to help you find your happy place.