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My Psalms: You Alone

By on December 11, 2017

The sovereign Lord helps me

Therefore I’m helped.

I have set my face like a flint and I know I’ll not be put to shame.

My heart cries out for you Lord

You alone can hear my longings

You feel them like I can feel my heartbeat

Your love keeps me sane in a crazy world

I lift my praise to you because you’ve done me well

Many are my afflictions oh Lord

You delivered me from them all

You leave no stone unturned

You never miss a thing

You see everything

My God and Father

My Savior and Friend

I ask myself, what did I do to deserve you?

You won’t leave me hanging

Even though I feel my righteousness dangling

You gave me an everlasting love

Everlasting righteousness

As I look back on the year that rolls by

I see how your love won’t fail me


You’ve truly shown me so much mercy than I deserve.

What can I offer you my Lord?

My love is all for you.

You’ve put a song on my lips

A melody in my heart

God… You’re too great

Oluwa E Tobi!

I love you Lord

But your love is far and beyond!

Great is your faithfulness my King

I’ll forever sing your praise

You have me

You know me

You carry me

You kept me






Temitope Victoria Idowu
Lagos Nigeria

I decided that beyond my love for writing and teaching, I would love to help people become who they should be. So I’m learning all I can and doing all I can to be able to help you professionally. What I do every day???I show up because someone out there needs a touch of warmth and possibility. I speak to God (He is my inspiration), get ready, send words of encouragement out there via social media and work tirelessly on how to help you find your happy place.