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My Complicated Thoughts On Demi Lovato’s Documentary

By on October 23, 2017

This is out of the box and it’s been on my mind to write something on Demi Lovato’s documentary, ‘Simply Complicated‘. First of all, it was a bold move for someone like Demi Lovato to brace up and tell her story. Celebrities don’t get to live normal lives because everyone wants them to stay celebrated from what they wear to what they do. It’s hard. I’m not a celebrity (yet) but I feel the pressure of trying hard to live a certain way. I loved the documentary, learned some lessons but I felt something was missing.

Moving Up And Consequences

Demi at to start from where it all began and that was her childhood and growing up with a father that went wild. The first time I came in contact with Demi Lovato, it was ‘Camp Rock’ the movie, she was new and full of energy. I fall in love with actors so easily and Demi was love at first sight. Her laughter was super beautiful to me, even though I wasn’t sure if I liked her laughter at first. I liked her but didn’t follow-up her career like I did with Selena Gomez.

I didn’t expect that at that period where it was all coming together , Demi got introduced to drugs. Things became different. From the outside, you think she’s climbing the success ladder but she was dealing with too much for her age. It’s important to be mature for the level you find yourself. Maturity is not a one-off thing. You can be mature for relationships but not mature to be rich. There’s a devil for every level. If you get my point.


Bullying and Friendships

I can’t categorically say I was bullied in school but I was bullied while I was in secondary school. It was hard to deal with because I couldn’t tell anyone about it. Hers was terrible and I really don’t know why young kids would find happiness in bullying others. It beats me every time. I’m grateful her family found out and could help her. Young kids need to learn to open up about issues like bullying. Bullying resulted in forced friendships, wanting to feel among and find solace in something.

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Getting into circumstantial friendship can be life threatening especially if it’s not curbed on time. Unhealthy relationships leads to making mistakes which can mar the future.

Being Alone

I believe learning to be alone and content is important. I love the times I’m all by myself, though I don’t enjoy it for too long. I love the fact that I can be by myself and not feel sorry for myself. It’s important to know how to live with yourself, it makes you less dependent on people. In her documentary, she said she needs to know what it means to be alone which was one of the reasons she ended her relationship of six years with Wilmer Valderrama.

I and Demi have that in common, I started dating early and it seemed like I couldn’t but have a boyfriend. It was always strange to just not have someone in my life. I’ll get bored and get into another relationship while in one. Being alone was hard and it led me down another part. If you’re single, be grateful for your singleness. You’ll see people as compliments and it would be easier to move on. Well, Demi is still into Wilmer, I believe she would get to a point where she would move on.


Making Music

Demi was discovered with her big voice at the age of five. I sometimes wonder why God didn’t give me a singing voice, lol. I have a writing voice but not a singing voice. In the documentary, the process of Demi making music was shown and I totally fell in love with the process of making music.

The whole studio sessions and trying out different sounds, pouring your heart out and turning words into melodious music is AMAzing! I write songs in my head and sometimes, they make it into my journal but I can’t sing! It spurred me to write songs regardless, I would love to see singers that would bring it to life.


Demi was so transparent about her struggles. She didn’t make herself look good or put the blame on other people. She was sincere about how she felt at different point of her emotional and mental issues. “I was not easy to work with,” Demi said. “I was using while I had a sober companion, and I went through about 20 different sober companions. I didn’t feel anything. I didn’t feel guilty. It’s embarrassing to look back at the person that I was.”

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The key to getting things fixed easily is self-awareness, your ability to admit to what is wrong with you. This was what I discovered when I wrote my first e-book, ‘Unlock Yourself‘ Click here to download.


It’s hard to know someone you care so much about is no longer the same person. It hurts even more when you’re related to them. Demi was curious to know why her father was an alcoholic and lost his family to alcohol. In Demi’s words she wanted to know why he chose that over family. She blames him for somethings she went through but this also made her stronger. Demi had to let her hurt against him go away and focus on becoming a better person.

What Happened to God?

When I started this post, I said something was missing in the whole documentary, God. I really didn’t expect Demi to give all the credit to God, never saw her as such person but I felt God would have helped her conquer her fears, find love without looking for it in a man. God didn’t surface but working out was the revolution for her. I also don’t want to assume she’s a Christian.

As she said, she is still in the process of discovering herself, I pray God comes into play in her life and help her become better.

Watch the song she did for her father;

There’s a lot to write about when it comes to this documentary because life is in phases. We all have our untold stories, that’s why its scary to even engage yourself in judging other people.

Like I said in my ‘50 Random Facts About Me‘ video on YouTube, I love celebrities a lot and I pray for them like I know them personally. Please say a prayer for Demi Lovato.

Till I write you again

Lots of love,




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