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My Happy Place #3: Ezinne Okwuosa (Zinny)

By on January 13, 2017
I was so excited when I got Zinny’s entry, I was practically blushing. Ezinne Okwuosa is a passionate workplace blogger that gives insight on how to deal with issues relating to work.  Go visit her blog you’ll love it.
Below is her entry, enjoy…

“Where is my happy place?”

I asked myself over and over again when I was requested to send in an entry. It’s quite funny because I had never given this a thought in the past.

Could my happy place be somewhere I run to for solace when I am stressed? Could it be somewhere I always visit? Is this ‘happy place’ somewhere around me and does this place really exist?

These are questions I asked myself. It gave me reasons to ponder. I took some time off and readily concluded that I wasn’t going to write about this ‘place’ at least until I was really certain of what it meant.

I’ve had a lot of reasons to calm down and think lately. I’ve had concrete reasons to want to be alone, to take actions, make decisions, and just hope that it all turns out well eventually.

And on one of those occasions, I thought to myself again.

Where would I rather be when I am in my deepest of thoughts? Where would I feel comfortable re-evaluating my life? Where would I want to be in my weakest of moments? Where would I be when I’m about to make a life-changing decision and I know that there may be repercussions? Where would I want to be to stay happy through it all? …To take up on relevant distractions that keep me away from thinking so much because consistent thinking has never been too good for the soul?

It all dawned on me.

I can’t say I’m one of those that would go up to the mountains to get some fresh air. I possibly can’t do that now especially when the weather is all so cold. I never grew up having a tree house. I wasn’t one of such kids. My family would relocate severally during my childhood because of a change of job or a promotion and there was only one place that made me feel happy.

It was my home. My house, and most likely, the most intimate place of all –my room.

My house is my happy place. I’ve come to realize that over the years.

This place is where I feel strong in my most delicate moment. This is where I feel my most comfortable. There is nothing and no one to keep impressed. I am at peace in my house and I’ve learned over time to make my home just what I want out of it.

Thinking of going back home after a stressful day and taking a warm bath alone, gives me a lot of relief, refreshment, and retains my sanity. I am my best at my happy place which is my home.

But no doubt, my happy place could be worth more than a physical place, it could be the time I spend with my family and those I love, spending quiet time in solitude which may be anywhere, doing something I’m passionate about and keeping my mind more productive.

I want to believe that if it’s a physical place, then it’s my home and vice versa. 



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