Guess What? October Has Been Lit!

By on October 31, 2017

Did you take time out to review how the month has been for you? Maybe the year in fact. It’s sometimes difficult to really go through the past month and say for sure that it was great. There are down moments that almost ruined the year but hey! you’re alive and well. You are not where you used to be.

This October has been lit because I’ve been at my worst and at my best. My favorite moments are always my vulnerable moments, where I was so helpless and then help came. Let’s leave the story…

In October…

  • I lost weight because I fasted all through. (Great achievement in my walk with God this year and I love it!)

  • I got an assistant. I needed help so badly and I was humble enough to ask for it. Shout out to my assistant, so grateful.
  • Had my article published on a magazine. It’s not the first time but it’s a step further.

  • I saved! Aha!! Its not a lot of money but I find it difficult to keep spare cash, thanks to one of my boss’ advice, I saved successfully without touching the money.
  • I worried a lot and was stupefied afterwards because things got sorted out and my worry only made me look impatient and stupid. ( I should Vlog about this)
  • I believe October is my most productive month so far.
  • Bestie passed Bar Exams!!! It’s also an answered prayer of many years.

  • I hosted my event Welcome H.O.M.E which was a great success! One of my biggest highlight for this year.

  • I had to drop some side jobs. Let’s see how November and December goes.

That’s about what I remember but I just feel better looking back at how October has been. I’m so grateful to God. How was October for you?

PS: Have you seen my latest Vlog? Watch here

Till I write to you again.

Much Love,


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    Naomi Destiny

    November 1, 2017

    October for me had it’s up moment and down moment but I am still so grateful that I learned quiet much through the process. Glad it was lit for you! Super well done and congratulations on H.O.M.E, it takes lot of courage to do that Really great to know it was a hugr success…A big congratulations to your bestie as well

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      November 1, 2017

      Thank you so much Naomi Glad the month gave you some lessons to hold on to


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