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Fear Is The Perfect Motivation For Courage

By on November 6, 2017

Say hello to fear! Fear is a necessary ingredient for courage. I wonder how else you can show you’re courageous if you’ve not been faced with an intimidating situation.

Courage means the ability to confront fear, danger, uncertainty, pain and many other negatives you can think of. I think a lot of times, I tell myself that I’m not courageous because I don’t see myself practically jumping over an impossible wall or getting some applause from some persons. You are full of courage, you just don’t capitalize on it.

When you see someone stand up for another person that is been abused, you look at that person with so much admiration. When a friend loses a loved one and looks so strong because you can’t even imagine yourself going through such, you see so much courage. You find it easily to point at someone who has been courageous but you’ll never mention yourself. It’s like we’re always looking for some sort of validation from people before we appreciate the virtues within us.

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You’re courageous! You might not know it. The biggest decisions you’ve taken was borne out of courage. Courage is surviving your mom’s anger after you were caught in a wrong act. Courage is asking for forgiveness afterwards. The greatest leaders are those that didn’t break under the pressure of intimidation but pressed forward to reach their destination.

I’m  in love with the way Kris Vallotton spoke about courage, ” Courageous people are not fearless, they are people who refuse to let fear tell them what to do.”

Are you afraid of something you’re currently going through? This is the perfect opportunity to turn things around. Look past the present, focus on the end and do whatever you have to do to get to that end. Don’t let fear speak, don’t let the devilish whispers of fear destroy a beautiful opportunity. Your destiny is dependent on some of your courageous moments.

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Remember there was one time you thought your bath water was too cold and you can’t have your bath but there has been many baths after that.

Drag courage into a cold, dark alley and leave it for dead; it will strike a match and set the world on fire. –

Let fear be an encouragement! It’s a tough fight but it’s worth it.

Till I write you again.

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