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10 Mistakes I Made In Over Five Years of Blogging + How To Avoid Them

By on January 12, 2018

Mistakes are a huge part of life and a necessary recipe for growth. I’ve been blogging for five years now and I’ve made some mistakes due to a number of factors.

I wouldn’t want you to fall victim of the same things, that’s why I’m writing this post.


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Two of my friends opened my eyes to the world of blogging. My ignorance costed me, this leads me to 10 mistakes I made  in my five years of blogging and how you can avoid them.

1.Dived in not knowing how deep: After my intelligent and sweet friends opened my eyes to the opportunity of blogging, I rushed in immediately without knowing what I was getting myself into. I write for fun, so I went into blogging for fun. Blogging is definitely fun but you miss the opportunities that comes with it if you focus on just the fun part. I started with Blogger then switched to WordPress much later (I’ll work on a post that explains why) but I had no clue how things worked, so I got lost.mistakes-blogging2. No Research: Before you go into anything that is worth your time, take time to research. Ignorance shouldn’t be an excuse in a world where technology provides you with so much information. I should have researched on blogging before diving straight in. Do your research no matter how little.

3. Asking Questions: I’m super inquisitive but didn’t put this sometimes annoying feature into good use. I assumed I’ll figure things out and ended up shooting myself in the leg. I abandoned blogging for a while because I felt so helpless.

4. Having a Niche: Well, I disagree with the advice that says you’ll find your niche along the way. No! That doesn’t work for a lot of people, you’ll find yourself torn between different worlds. Having a niche doesn’t necessarily mean you get stuck to one subject, some niche can accommodate other areas comfortably. Know what you want to do with your blog, other things would fall in place.

mistakes-blogging5. Be sure of the Platform that works for you: Blogger and WordPress are the most popular blog space out there and they’re both unique. You need to check out the interface, the benefits and your ability to work with these platforms before you go on to register a blog under them. I particularly prefer WordPress (I’ll give reasons in another blog post).

6. Being Realistic with Post Schedule: I was really consistent at the beginning of my blogging life, over consistent sef. Excitement started to fade and reality sets in, I started to lose the drive to post or write anything. My writing life dragged and was so unhappy. Take it easy. Start your blog right.

7. Patience: Oh yes! Blogging requires a lot of patience. I made the mistake of thinking my readership would take the lift to the top. I had no readers at the beginning and I became emotionally hurt. It made me feel my writing wasn’t good enough. This affected my confidence. Patience is a key virtue in blogging. mistakes-blogger8. Comparing Yourself to Other Bloggers: At some point I lost my voice because I compared myself to bloggers that knew what they were doing. LOL. I started to sound like a jumble of different bloggers. I was confused at every point. I was asking myself, “Why didn’t I write about this?” “What if I wrote like her?” Stay on your lane and appreciate your growth.

9. Leaving the WordPress Community: This is my biggest mistake and it was due to lack of information. In 2016, I decided that it was time to have my domain name. I made official two years ago but I lost my WordPress community. I didn’t know I didn’t have to delete my account but simply find a technical way around it. I made cool blogger friends that turned family but lost them with the name change and all. I felt so alone that I cried once. Don’t leave your community, get a good tech person to help you upgrade properly.mistakes-blogging

10. Not Seeing the Business Side to It: You blog for fun? Yeah but it can put food on your table, it can be a second source of income. For many years until recently, I didn’t treat my blog like a business. This didn’t help my growth. Treat anything you do seriously and the best way to take your hobby seriously is to treat it like a business.

I believe this has helped you. I’ll love to hear from you, let me know if you’ve made any of this mistakes or how this has helped you in the comment section.

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Till I write to you again.

Lots of love,


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    Naomi Destiny

    January 13, 2018

    I made my share of mistakes too and I can total totally relate to some of your points. Blogging is no small thing and I’m glad I realized that in good time.

    I believe it’s not too late to set perspectives right for anyone out there who have made same mistakes…thanks for sharing!

    • Reply


      January 16, 2018

      Thanks Naomi! Glad you realized on time, sadly I didn’t.

  2. Reply


    January 12, 2018

    Research is really vital! Even when you become a pro, you still have to keep researching.
    Great tips babe!

    • Reply


      January 16, 2018

      You’re absolutely right.Thank you Busayo!


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