Cassie Daves Blog Planner + January 2018 Review

By on February 1, 2018

Are you done playing warm up? Finally! January is gone and we slide into February. In this post, I’ll be giving my review on Cassie Daves Blog Planner and what January was like for me.

Dreams don’t work unless you doCassie Daves Blog Planner (Quote for February)

Towards the end of December, I decided what I’ll gift myself for my birthday as I do this every year. It was the Cassie Daves blog planner but then I found out that Cassie was doing a giveaway on her Instagram page. I grabbed the opportunity and yes, I won!

cassie daves blog planner temitoria

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I decided that I wasn’t just going to do a review of the Cassie Daves Blog planner until I’ve used it, here is my review after using it for one month.

I fell in love with the design when I got the delivery, the yellow outer case and the blog planner itself. The quotes in the planner, gave me a sense of direction as to how I want my blogging calendar to look like. The planner got me into an organised space immediately because I had the responsibility to define my goals and work towards them.

cassie daves blog planner temitoriaCassie indeed did a detailed job on this planner, from blog manifesto to blog goals, calendars, daily blog checklist and even ideas for blog post.

As a blogger, Cassie Daves blog planner was a kick starter for me. I went into January charged with a sense of purpose. I was quick to put down my projections, ideas and goals for the month.

Each day, I fill out my to-do list before stepping out of my home because its rewarding to see my goals checked. I was able to keep tabs with myself especially with work that didn’t get done.

In one month, I’ve noticed consistency in putting up my blog posts. If you’ve noticed, I’ve blogged twice weekly since the beginning of the year.

The blog planner made my January goals a reality. I was able to get a better direction for the blog. I’m looking at exciting content for you guys and would be sharing more from my experiences. I noticed that most of you enjoyed this post based on my experience.

It’s not too late to get a blog planner that would do you so much good. You can get the Cassie Daves Blog Planner here.

I’m looking to collaborating with other bloggers and doing more product reviews. If you’re a blogger, let’s hook up.

If there’s anything you’ll like me to write on or feature on the blog, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Meanwhile, we have two winners from the ongoing giveaway on the blog, click here to take part in the giveaway before it ends.

cassie daves blog planner temitoriaWishing you the best in this new month and crush your goals.

Till I write you again.

Lots of love,



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    Abiola Jinadu

    February 8, 2018

    I should get one. I know someone whose subscribers grew to 10k last year because she followed this particular blog Planner.

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      February 8, 2018

      Yeah, please do. Oh really, hopefully that would be my story . Thanks for stopping by B.


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