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My Psalms: You Alone

By on December 11, 2017

The sovereign Lord helps me

Therefore I’m helped.

I have set my face like a flint and I know I’ll not be put to shame.

My heart cries out for you Lord


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Why You Need The Peace Of God

By on December 4, 2017

Hello! Welcome to the last month in 2017, I’m so grateful that God kept us till this day. Amazing!

Today, I want to talk about Peace. A word that sometimes…

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A Part Of Me Died

By on November 27, 2017

Hello! I wrote this a while back and thought to share with you. If you have any suggestions on how to awaken that dead part of me, please leave…

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4 Vital Lessons I Learned From The AFRIMA 2017 Roundtable Session

By on November 14, 2017

So I was at AFRIMA 2017 for the The Africa Music Business Roundtable (AMBR) and the theme for this year; Digital Takeover: Shaping the Future of African Music. Well,…

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Fear Is The Perfect Motivation For Courage

By on November 6, 2017

Say hello to fear! Fear is a necessary ingredient for courage. I wonder how else you can show you’re courageous if you’ve not been faced with an intimidating situation.