About Temitoria

Strong Faith -Warm Love – More Comfort

It dawned on me so recently that I had no idea what I wanted to do with TEMITORIA and the clear purpose of what it has been built to achieve. It’s almost normal to think you know your purpose until the day passes, the passion dies gradually. It would hit you like I got hit. I’m just too crazy about one thing and one person.

I thought I could have my life organized by the various solutions the ‘experts’ have come up with and probably be the next coach that teaches self-help. Like how you can solve your problems in three steps I’ve never even tried myself. I was confused, you have no idea how confused I got. There was so many people advising me, so many voices in my head and I couldn’t even hear myself.

So I paused on everything. Laid it down.

Happiness comes from doing what you love

I decided that beyond my love for writing and teaching, I would love to help people become who they should be. So I’m learning all I can and doing all I can to be able to help you professionally. What I do every day???I show up because someone out there needs a touch of warmth and possibility. I speak to God (He is my inspiration), get ready, send words of encouragement out there via social media and work tirelessly on how to help you find your happy place.

You might wonder the connection of what you just read. Well, that was part of what I wrote here before now in the bid to follow ‘steps’ on how to win your audience. Reading it again, that doesn’t sound like me.

I decided to face the truth. I’m crazy about Jesus and getting to know Him. I want to know God like no one ever has and I can’t finish without Him. I can’t push Him aside and I’m trusting Him to help me to help you.

What I’m here for? I’m here to BE A CHANNEL for Stronger Faith, Greater Love and Warmer Comfort.

I’m blessed to have you here at TEMITORIA.