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A Part Of Me Died

By on November 27, 2017

Hello! I wrote this a while back and thought to share with you. If you have any suggestions on how to awaken that dead part of me, please leave a comment.

This evening I have to give myself a ‘smh’ moment. How did I get here? I used to write oh! Gosh! A lot has changed and my mind feels rewired. I used to write about everything, writing has saved me from severe and intentional depression before.


Today, I’m reflecting on how everything used to inspire me and I would express what I’m feeling in words. Looks like words can’t explain how I feel a part of me in writing died but I need it to awaken.


I don’t know if I can still brag that writing is the easiest thing I can do. It seems like a chore these days and when I write, it feels like work than the most exciting activity I vividly love to engage in. Sometimes I just blame it on being lazy. Maybe I am.

I also realized that the people I was once excited about aren’t on that list anymore. My life seem to have taken a shift across some oceans and landed me in a world I don’t recognize. You know there are times when you just need to exist in place not minding if you’re supposed to be there. That defines life sometimes.

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Oh and as at the time I was writing this, my phone was playing some of my favorite songs and they all meant nothing to me. No excitement, no sing along moment, nothing.

I feel numb. A part of me is dead. I need it to awaken.



Temitope Victoria Idowu
Lagos Nigeria

I decided that beyond my love for writing and teaching, I would love to help people become who they should be. So I’m learning all I can and doing all I can to be able to help you professionally. What I do every day???I show up because someone out there needs a touch of warmth and possibility. I speak to God (He is my inspiration), get ready, send words of encouragement out there via social media and work tirelessly on how to help you find your happy place.